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Original Movie Press Release and Ad; Lost Boundaries - Watch Full Movie, Trailers & Clips Online Watch Lost Boundaries Online: Lost Boundaries follows Scott Carter, who's a skilled doctor - and a man without prospects. Lost Boundaries (1949) With Beatrice Pearson, Mel Ferrer, Susan Douglas Rubes. Lost Boundaries - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lost Boundaries is a film released in 1949. Lost Boundaries (1949) - TCM Turner Classic Movies Overview of Lost Boundaries, 1949, directed by Alfred L. The Doctor Graduates; Moving to Portsmouth; Life in Keenham, NH; The Plot Thickens;. Actors: Beatrice Pearson: Marcia Carter · Mel Ferrer: Scott Mason Carter · Susan Douglas Rubes: Shelly Carter · Robert A. Rejection letters from hospitals pile up.. Dunn: Rev. Scott Carter is a skilled doctor - and a man without prospects. Lost Boundaries (1949) - IMDb Director: Alfred L. It was directed by Alfred L. "LOST BOUNDARIES" LOCAL SHOOTING SiTES (culled from newspaper records) Louis de Rochemont -- Lost Boundaries - WHAT'S NEW? - -SeacoastNH.com LOST BOUNDARIES Plot Summary. Having graduated from medical school. His young wife is pregnant with their first child. Lost Boundaries stars Mel. Werker. Unable to. Werker and stars Beatrice Pearson, Mel Ferrer (in his first starring role), and Susan Douglas. This story is a true account of the lives of Scott and Marsha Carter. DVD Savant Review: Lost Boundaries - DVD Talk - DVD Movie News

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